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Risk Management Vendor & Boutique Risk Management Consultancy Firm

Epsilon Risk is a consulting firm focused in the financial services industry. We develop our own solutions and provide our expertise in the areas of Risk Management and Profitability. Our partners and consultants are extremely experienced in these areas, having worked for decades in a large number of implementations, particularly in the areas of ALM, Liquidity Risk and Market Risk.


Our Epsilon Risk Solutions leverage on this experience. When we started building our solutions, we had a complete big picture in mind. Epsilon Risk Solutions combine full robustness in the calculations with flexibility to be able to dynamically adapt to new regulatory and best practice needs.


Covering a large number of instrument types, our library of pricing and cashflow generation functions is the bedrock of our solutions.


We are proud of having worked with people around the world who trust us and who have witnessed our work. We, as partners, we have a personal interest in seeing our clients succeed.

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